Elephant Grounds Mid-Levels, HK

Short version

Great cafe in Mid-Levels, right next to the escalators

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 8/10 An assortment of healthy breakfast choices.

Price: 8/10 – Pretty stock standard for a Western breakfast in HK.

Service: 8/10 – My food came out relatively quickly, it actually came out faster than my coffee! Staff are helpful and efficient.

Ambience: 8/10 – Casual, modern decor with wood paneling throughout, and upbeat music that will get you going, especially when you need it in the morning 😊

Location: 7/10 – Right next to the Mid-Level Escalators on Caine Road, so relatively easy to get to. But it’s up in Mid-Levels, so not the most convenient to get to by MTR.

Coffee: 7/10 – Not bad. Coffee is a tad too bitter for my liking, but only a teeny tiny bit.

Elephant Grounds Mid-Levels

61 Caine Rd., Mid-Levels, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2535 7155


Long version

I’ve been to this cafe a few times for breakfast now, and it’s been pretty consistent in terms of food and service. My most recent visit was on a Friday, and as I was making my way up from our serviced apartment on Hollywood Road at around 10am, I caught the “transition period” when the mid-level escalators were being switched from going down to all going up. So I had to walk up part of the way, and was grateful when I saw the next set of escalators had already been switched over to go up. Nonetheless, the set of escalators that take you to Caine Road are currently under renovation until early 2019 I believe, so unless you catch a bus that drops you right on Caine Road, you will have to walk up regardless… 😓

So it was just after 10am when I reached the cafe, and the 7-8 tables of two on street level were almost all taken. I managed to grab the last one that was available 😅 They also have 4 tables of two outside, and apparently they also have an upstairs section, which I am yet to see. The tables are small, and there isn’t much space between them, so it feels a bit cramped inside. But it’s HK, so you sorta just have to get used to the lack of space here 😆

Their little breakfast menu is quite cute!

It also says that breakfast finishes at 11:30am awwww 😔 Mental note for next time I want to head over here. Also note that their coffees are all double shot. The price of coffee in HK is ridiculous, much like their property prices, so for HK$40, it’s pretty standard, believe it or not.

This visit, I went for their peanut butter banana toast.

It was served on this rather small plate, so I had to be careful as I was eating, to make sure I didn’t spill any of it onto the table or into my lap! Especially since I’m a total klutz and either or both of these things could easily happen 😂

Staff here are efficient and courteous. They wear these orange shirts, which matches the colour of their takeaway coffee cups, so it’s quite easy to pick them out. I thought this colour coordination was pretty cool 🤓 A few others don’t wear the orange shirt, though, perhaps they’re the baristas and/or kitchen staff? Not sure. In any case, it’s easy to grab the attention of one of the waiters, as someone is usually walking around to attend to the customers.

I like the ambience in this cafe. It’s modern, relaxed, yet it also has this positive feel to it. There’s always upbeat music playing, which gets you going right when you need it most, as you’re trying to get your morning started 😊 But it’s not in-your-face, it’s just at the right volume at this time of the day.

And they also take credit card, which I always appreciate 💳 The small things in life make me happy 😊

The bathroom is right out the back. They have one cubicle for men and one for women, with a shared sink area. The cubicle doors also have the wood paneling, like the rest of the cafe, so the decor extends all the way out to here too 😊

Overall, I enjoy going to this cafe. I come here when I want a pretty decent Western breakfast 😊 I will have to move on and try their lunch menu one day, but it’s hard for me to go past my favourite meal of the day, that’s my problem…!

Sora Japan Gourmet Hall (Changi Airport Terminal 2, SG)

Short version

A food court of sorts serving just Japanese food, located in Terminal 2 at Changi Airport

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 8/10 – Good food

Price: 7/10 – On the pricier side, particularly as it is a food court of sorts. But it is also in Changi Airport, so I was expecting higher prices too. So a bit tough to rate…

Service: 8/10 – Efficient and relatively friendly.

Ambience: 7/10 – You’re basically sitting in a large food court, but the decor is nice, modern and new, and the place is huge.

Location: 9/10 – On the level above Departures at Terminal 2. You basically look down at the Departures Hall from this level with all the food options. It’s in the public area at Terminal 2, so you don’t have to be travelling to go there. You can catch the MRT to Changi Airport (exit A is your best bet).

Sora Japan Gourmet Hall

Changi Airport Terminal 2 Level 3


+65 6386 7005


Long version

I felt like Japanese for dinner, so I decided to try this place out. When you first arrive, the front of house will give you this little number tag that you need to present at each stall you visit while you’re in the food hall.

Front of house will actually seat you, although this isn’t as strict as it usually is in a restaurant, given that the place is still food court style. Since I was dining on my own, and it wasn’t particularly busy when I went, I was pretty much directed to choose whichever table I wanted on one side of the hall 😆

You’re then free to wander around like at any other food court, and choose whatever dish takes your fancy. The only difference here is that instead of paying at the stall, you give them your little number tag, and they just add your order onto it. So you effectively have this open tab at the food hall, and you just keep adding whatever order you want onto this number.

Drinks are served in a separate area, and you also present your tag here when you order. They serve alcohol here, fyi, so it’s a bit more fancy schmancy than your typical food court 🍷

And then when you’re ready to leave, you just bring your tag to the counter, check your orders on the register, and then off you go. My dinner was quite expensive: I paid S$27.70, so it’s not quite food court prices 😳

Sora Japan Gourmet Hall is in Terminal 2 at Changi Airport, overlooking Departures. It’s in the public area, so you don’t have to be travelling to access the food hall. But you have to be willing to go all the way to Changi, if you’re not already staying in the area.

Overall, I had a good dinner here 👍

Oriole Cafe + Bar (Somerset, SG)

Short version

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 9/10

Price: 8/10 – Reasonably priced for a western breakfast in SG. They do charge ‘++’ so note that you will need to add the almost-18% charges on top of their menu prices (I just round that to 20% when estimating what the final damage will be).

Service: 8/10 – Friendly service, and quite quick too.

Ambience: 9/10 – Industrial style decor inside. Has a casual, funky vibe.

Location: 9/10 – Located at 313@Somerset, one of the malls attached to Somerset MRT. So really easy to get to 👍

Coffee: 8/10 – A tad on the bitter side, but just slightly. It was actually not a bad cup of coffee 👍

Oriole Coffee + Bar

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard

96 Somerset Rd #01-01

Singapore 238163

+65 6238 8348


Long version

This place is HUGE, and has a ton of tables both inside and out. I reckon there are about 20 tables of 2 inside, and that many again outside. Plus they have another 20-odd bar tables outside as well that can fit between 2-4 people. So there was no shortage of choice of tables.

My little corner in this cafe

I came at around 11am on a weekday, so not quite a peak time, but there were still a few tables already occupied when I arrived. Despite this, I was served quite promptly, and my order came out very quickly as well.

I asked for soy milk in my cappuccino, but apparently they don’t have soy, they have this alternative nut milk called M.A.D. (macadamia, almonds and dates), which the waiter suggested I try. So I did 😊 The barista himself came over to give me my coffee, and he actually gave me a separate piccolo cup with just the M.A.D. milk on its own, for me to try it. I thought that was pretty nice, even though I know it’s more for self-promotion rather than for my benefit 😊

With my usual dud taste buds, all I could taste was the almonds. But those with a more discerning palate would surely be able to pick up the M and the D too 😊

I paid at the counter, which is pretty much where the barista’s “office” is, so we had a bit of a chat about my thoughts on the M.A.D. milk. I was honest, as I always am (in case you haven’t noticed in this blog 😊): it was nice, for a nutty milk, but I prefer soy in my coffee. He suggested that next time maybe I try the M.A.D. milk cold, either with coffee or on its own, as he thinks it’s better served cold. So maybe I’ll do that next time 😊

This cafe restaurant is really easy to get to. It’s just next to 313@Somerset, so you can access it really easily from Somerset MRT. You just have to endure the 10-second walk outside from leaving 313 to the cafe 😆 So you will be exposed to the elements if it’s raining or if it’s mega sunny for those 10 seconds, but really, it’s no big deal.

I paid S$22.95 today, which is pretty standard for a western breakfast in SG. Plus it’s in Somerset, just off Orchard Road really (a popular tourist destination in SG), and close to the MRT, so all up, it’s a reasonable price. They do charge ‘++’ though, so take that into account when tallying the prices on the menu.

And one of the things I like most? Their breakfast menu window is from 8am-6pm! 👏 👏 Freaking awesome! Perfect on those lazy weekends when you don’t get out of the house until 2 in the afternoon but are still in the mood for smashed avo on toast (which is on their menu, btw 😊)

Pho Street, Centrepoint (Somerset, SG)

Short version

Casual Vietnamese food in one of the malls on Orchard Road

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 8/10 – Decent size portions, tastes good too

Price: 9/10 – Very reasonably priced, even with ‘++’

Service: 8/10 – Nice wait staff, and food came out at a decent pace

Ambience: 7/10 – Casual atmosphere, good for a quick lunch or dinner. Doesn’t feel very Vietnamese, though, feels more like any stock standard cafe.

Location: 8/10 – In Centrepoint, one of the malls on Orchard Road, and Somerset MRT (perhaps exit D) is the closest train station.

Pho Street

176A Orchard Rd, #B1-14, Singapore 238844


Long Version

This is one of our go-to places for casual Vietnamese food. It’s quite central, being close to Somerset MRT and so quite easy to get to. Prices are also very reasonable, which is another one of its draw cards. We each had a main, shared an entree of sorts, and had a drink each, and it cost us just a bit over S$35. And that’s with ++, so it’s definitely good value.

It has a very casual vibe, you order up at the counter (ie there is no table service) and they bring out your dishes to you. Maybe that is one of the contributors (if not the main contributor) to the affordable prices. So this is definitely not one of those places to go to if you feel like being pampered for the evening 😂

You collect your cutlery and sauces up near the counter as well, so you can pile on the sauce to your heart’s content 😆 I do prefer having the sauces on my table when I’m having pho though, so I can freely slather them into my bowl without having to continually go back to the counter for more. This is perhaps more valid for the non-foodies out there, or maybe it’s just me 😂

It’s not a proper restaurant with four walls etc 😆 It’s more like one stall in a row of about 3, with only a low partition separating the three, as well as from the general public. So this too adds to the casual vibe of the place. But having said that, people don’t tend to walk past the area unless they’re looking for a place to eat, so it’s not like you get a whole heap of passers by gawking at you while you eat your pho 😂

The place probably only has about a dozen or so tables of 2-4, and it’s a little cramped, so it’s not the sort of place you’d really want to linger around and lounge there for ages either. Maybe a deliberate design…?? 😉 Not that the wait staff are hovering over you and giving you dirty looks to hurry up and clear out – nothing of the sort. But it’s just the general feel I get here. Nothing wrong with that, just sayin’ that’s the vibe that I get here.

The other vibe that I don’t get here is a “Vietnamese” vibe. As in it just feels like I’m in any stock standard cafe anywhere in the world, with nothing in the decor that gives me the feeling of Vietnam. Again, this doesn’t really bother me, just another observation.

But overall, we do like going here for a quick, casual, affordable Vietnamese meal. You just don’t get that Vietnamese vibe when you walk in, but no biggie 😊

Itacho Sushi (Central, HK)

Casual Japanese restaurant in Central, HK.

Short Version

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 8/10 – The size of their sushi pieces was HUGE! Decent food.

Price: 8/10 – In line with prices in the area.

Service: 6/10 – Aspects could have been better.

Ambience: 9/10 – Laidback and casual.

Location: 8/10 – Just off Hollywood Road in the Central area in Hong Kong. Very easy to get to from the mid-level escalators.

Itacho Sushi

Cheung Fai Building, Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2503 2303

Long Version

I felt like Japanese for dinner, so we thought we’d try this place close to our serviced apartment, our current abode this trip to Hong Kong.

We got there quite late – around 9:30pm – and they take last orders at 10pm, so we were pushing for time. We were still seated (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this review 😂), but the 10pm deadline was mentioned from the outset, so at least we were warned. A few others were still walking in after us, and they too were seated, so I didn’t feel too bad walking in so late 😊

It’s one of those restaurants where you order off a tablet, and your order then goes straight to the kitchen. The only difference with their software, though, is that there is an intermediate step: once you’re ready to order, you need to scan a QR code, and THEN your order will be sent to the kitchen. I guess because the tablet isn’t assigned your table number, and the QR code is that missing link.

We had to ask for the QR code, so it would be better if the waiter just automatically gave the QR code to patrons as soon as they are seated. Nonetheless, once this was given to us, it was easy ordering from that point.

The food came out relatively quickly, and it was good. Sushi pieces were huge and the food was really nice.

Staff were a bit standoffish, but as with a lot of places, I can’t tell whether it’s because they’re not comfortable speaking in English and so tend to avoid our table, or if they’re just standoffish with all patrons. But we did come in quite late in the evening, so maybe they’re all just winding down and ready to go home. So I may have to return to this place at an earlier time in the day and see what the service is like then 😊

Decor is quite nice in here, modern and bright. They also have quite a few seats, and there is quite a fair bit of space by HK standards. It’s also on street level, and so is very easy to find.

Overall a pleasant dinner. It’s the sort of place where you go for a casual lunch or dinner either on your own or with a handful of other people. I would definitely go again.

Lady M Orchard Central (Somerset, SG)

Renowned for its cakes

Short version

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 8/10 – Very nice cakes…

Price: 7/10 – … But you pay for them.

Service: 5/10 – I think I’m being generous here, but the staff seemed generally uninterested in providing any level of customer service.

Ambience: 7/10 – Nice, light decor; a bit noisy inside, so not the most relaxing place if that’s what you’re after. But it has a good, energetic vibe.

Location: 9/10 – In Orchard Central, so easily accessible from Somerset MRT (exit D is probably your best bet).

Lady M Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road #01-27 & #02-07, Singapore 238896

+65 6509 3673


Long Version

I decided to stop by here for a slice of cake and a cup of tea, after a rather stressful morning. I arrived just after 3pm on a Thursday, and the place was almost full! I can’t imagine how crazy busy this place is on the weekend 😳

They have this charcoal mille crepe as their special for October, so I decided to give it a go. They’re renowned for their mille crepes, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with that. And I was right. It was very nice! I would totally recommend 😋

I also decided to have the Lady M earl grey tea, which wasn’t anything all that special – but I paid S$6.50 for it 😏

Charcoal mille crepe with the Lady M earl grey tea, with sugar syrup served separately

The decor is modern, and the place is bright, with the huge floor to ceiling windows that make up two of the cafe’s four walls. They effectively take up three floors: they have tables on L1, a mezzanine level, and also L2, with the majority of the tables on their mezzanine level. I was on L2, which had the smallest number of tables (a table for two; a table for three; a table for four; and a bench table that can seat up to ten people). It was quite noisy up there, I suppose the noise from the lower levels carried up. The upbeat music also added to the noise, so it wasn’t the most relaxing visit. But having said that, there is an energetic vibe to the place, so it just depends on what you’re after.

Service was the most lacking of all. I could swear the first waiter who attended to me rolled his eyes, as if having to seat yet another customer was stressing him out. I did walk in from L1, though, and there was a sign saying to go to L2 for dining in, which I was doing. He just happened to attend to me as I was on my way up there. So maybe the L1 entrance should just remain as an exit only if they don’t want people to walk in from there? Or remove the sign saying to proceed to L2, and allow customers to enter from either level.

So I proceeded to L2, and staff up there were just as uninterested. No one greeted me with a smile, and I could barely get eye contact with anybody. Are the wait staff just not very happy at this branch?? Overworked? Understaffed? Underpaid? A combination of all three?

I ordered at my table, and my iced tea and slice of cake came very quickly soon after, so kudos to their promptness. And they cleared my plate relatively quickly too.

So if they could just work on their friendliness, and get the entrance/exit business sorted, then it would be a much more pleasant experience for patrons. At S$9.50 for a slice of cake and being located on Orchard Road, a prime tourist destination, I would expect a much better level of service.

Chifa Dumpling House (Central, HK)

Peruvian & Cantonese fusion in this restaurant just off Hollywood Road near Central, HK.

Short Version

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 8/10 – Different, but not in a bad way.

Price: 7/10 – A bit on the pricier side, but for the food and location, it’s quite standard.

Service: 8/10 – Friendly staff, prompt service, food came out at a decent pace.

Ambience: 8/10 – Lively inside. Quite cramped, but nothing new in HK.

Location: 8/10 – Not too far from the mid-level escalators.

Chifa Dumpling House

G/F No, 26 Peel St, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2311 1815


Long Version

We were just wandering around the area near the serviced apartment that we’re staying at this trip, and stumbled across this cute little place. We got there at around 7:30pm, so right during the dinner peak, so I was expecting to be turned away. But they had some seats at the counter, which I actually don’t mind, because you get to see the chefs in action. Well, the ones doing the stir frying and the desserts, at least. I think there were a few other guys in another kitchen doing the dumplings.

They have a very enticing menu, one where I just want to try virtually everything on it 😆 So maybe it’s better to go here with more people, so you can sample a wider range of dishes. It’s a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese cuisines, so the flavours were rather different, but not in a bad way. So you just have to leave your expectations at the door, and just go wherever your tastebuds take you 😊

We ordered four dishes in total:

  • Truffle potsticker
  • Meat & rice
  • Classic xiao long bao
  • Beef tongue open buns

The waiter recommended 4-5 dishes for two people, and I think the four dishes was sufficient for us. We weren’t stuffed, but comfortably full. Big eaters will probably want to order more.

Having said that, our four dishes and drinks cost us HKD$430 (about S$75), so bear that in mind when ordering your 10th dish…! 😊

The waiter cleared our table and when she’d walked away, N and I were like “we ordered four dishes, didn’t we?? And we’ve only received three, right?!”, proceeding to check how many food dishes had been captured on our phones 😂 Yep, only three. I was about to ask the waiter if our 4th dish was still on its way when another waiter came up and said “you’re still waiting on your tuffle potstickers, right?”, and gave us new plates a fresh set of chopsticks. So I guess they want us to really taste the truffle. It’s the small touches 😊 I, of course, have no idea what the fuss is all about, but I’ll still welcome new plates and cutlery nonetheless 😊

The staff were all very friendly and attentive, and everyone speaks impeccable English, so it is very easy to communicate with them. The menu is also all in English, so all good on that front too. Note that there is no service charge built into their pricing, so any tip you leave will be appreciated by the staff. The bill comes in this cute little well, so you can just leave your tip in there.

The restaurant is a decent size, split into two sections. The main section is larger, and the smaller section is off to the side down a few steps. Seating in general is a bit cramped, but it’s HK, so it sorta comes with the territory 😊 It’s also a little noisy inside, but we could still hear each other. I guess that’s when the cramped seating comes in handy, I suppose 😆 It was rather busy when we went, as I’ve already mentioned, so perhaps it would be better to book if you wanted to come here with a larger group.

The restaurant is just off Hollywood Road, but the area is quite steep, so just a heads up for those who are less mobile. It is very close to the mid-level escalators, so at least you get a bit of help from the escalators, but the street itself that the restaurant is on is very steep. Get off the mid-level escalators when you see Lush on the left-hand side (at the time of writing, Lush was there…!), and then walk down the stairs. Probably easier to walk down Gage Street (the street with the 7-Eleven on the corner), and then turn left into Peel Street (second street on the left) and walk up to the restaurant from there.

Mustard (Little India, SG)

Relatively casual Indian restaurant near Little India MRT.

Short version

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 9/10 – Really enjoyed the food here!

Price: 7/10 – It ended up being a more expensive lunch than I had expected.

Service: 7/10 – OK, could be better.

Ambience: 8/10 – Casual and relaxed. A good place to go with friends and family, or a first date perhaps 😊

Location: 9/10 – About 100m from Little India MRT (exit E is perhaps your best bet). Very easy to get to.


32 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218552

+65 6297 8422


Long Version

I had a hankering for Indian food after watching Masterchef Australia LOL They had an elimination round based on who could replicate a Butter Chicken the best. After that, I really wanted to go and have some Indian food! Luckily we live in SG, where there is a decent population of Indians, so you can get some pretty awesome Indian food.

So N was kind enough to ask a few of his Indian colleagues for some recommendations, and the weekend following that Masterchef Australia episode, we went and tried one of them. One of the restaurants recommended was a fine dining option, and I wanted to leave that one for a special occasion. So I chose one of the two more casual options put forward. No reason why Mustard was chosen ahead of the other one, it was a toss of the proverbial coin. But when I saw on Google Maps that it was really close to the MRT, that just clinched the deal for me.

We found it easily enough. We got there at around 1:30pm, and there was already a decent number of patrons in the restaurant. The few vacant tables inside still had to be cleared, so one of the wait staff asked us to wait outside for 5-10 minutes while they cleared a table for us. While we were out there, it gave us a chance to go through their menu. I don’t eat much Indian food, so a lot of the names of the foods are foreign to me. But N regularly has lunch with his Indian colleagues – plus he’s much more of a foodie than I am – so he was much more familiar with the various dishes that they had on the menu.

This restaurant offers both Punjabi (up north) and Bengali (in the east) dishes, and they are labelled accordingly. This may be good for people who want to be able to choose accordingly. I, on the other hand, am just lucky to be able to taste chicken! 😂

They also did say at the outset that it would be about 35-40 minutes for the food to come out. We didn’t have a problem with this, as I assumed that there was already a backlog of orders that day when we walked in. Their menu also mentions this, but also explains why: they make your orders from scratch, so everything is fresh. So be prepared to wait a while for your food.

I wrote down exactly what we ordered, as well as the descriptions they had on their menu, as there was no way I would remember the names of the dishes if I had left it up to my memory:

  • Murgh makhani – pride of Punjab – grilled boneless chicken cooked in a light tomato-butter sauce
  • Palak paneer – tender cottage cheese cubes napped in a spinach purée
  • Aloo gohbi – potatoes with cauliflower, cooked on a slow flame with Punjabi ground spices
  • Roomali roti – special handkerchief bread
  • Butter naan – flaky, soft leavened bread with butter
  • It always surprises me when Indian food comes out in these small dishes, I always think it’s not going to be enough for the both of us. And then we start making our way through the food, and before we know it, we’re both totally stuffed 😋

    The food is really nice here. We effectively had Butter Chicken, but it wasn’t as sweet as what I’m used to, and it’s also a little spicy. I’m guessing it doesn’t even rank as “spicy” on the grand scheme of things, but I could definitely taste it. I can handle mildly spicy, but once things start being called “spicy”, then I start to struggle. So for people who cannot handle spicy food, then maybe even this dish could be a bit too much. They do say on their menu to let them know if you want less of a kick, so they may be able to help you out on that front.

    N had the Alphonso mango lassi for his drink, which tasted like a mango smoothie to me. I ended up having an iced lemon tea, which was surprisingly not sweet at all! It was a refreshing change to what I am used to in SG, so kudos to them for making an authentic iced lemon tea.

    Service is ok. The wait staff are courteous enough, we didn’t have any major issues. We did have to wait at the beginning to get a table cleared, so not sure if we just caught them on the tail end of a really busy period. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt 😊

    They had separate cubicles for men’s and women’s, and a shared sink just outside the bathrooms. Note that there is a sink in the women’s as well, but no soap, as the sink outside has the soap. The women’s cubicle was clean, with a few pictures hanging inside, which I thought was a nice touch.

    The restaurant is on the smaller side, with perhaps 10 tables of four inside, and another two tables out at the front. We went during lunch, and it was already almost at capacity when we were there, so I can only imagine how crazy busy it must be during their dinner service. So you may want to book if you want to secure a table, particularly for a larger party.

    Location is excellent, really easy to get to from Little India MRT. Turn right once you get out of Exit E, and a mere 100m down the road will be Mustard.

    They absorb GST in their prices, and only charge the 10% service charge, so effectively it is just a ‘+’. We paid just over S$80 for lunch, which is quite an expensive lunch in my books, but relatively ok for dinner. But the food is delicious, so you are getting your money’s worth.

    Overall, I really enjoyed our lunch here, and I will definitely come back here with friends who want to have some good Indian food in SG. And maybe next time for dinner 😊

    Isuramuya Japanese Restaurant & Marketplace (JCube, Jurong, SG)

    Casual Japanese restaurant in the west of SG, located in the JCube shopping mall.

    Short version

    Food from a non-foodie perspective: 7/10 – Good for a quick, casual meal that’s not going to hurt your wallet too much.

    Price: 9/10 – Pretty good prices for Japanese food.

    Service: 7/10 – Minimal, but not rude. I had a young waiter attend to my order, who seemed really quiet. I had no issues with service.

    Ambience: 8/10 – Very casual and relaxed. Pretty good place to go for a casual meal with family or friends.

    Location: 7/10 – Pretty far from Central SG, but if you’re on the western side of SG already, then it’s fine. It’s only a few minutes walk from Jurong East MRT (exit A), and is in the JCube shopping mall.

    Isuramuya Japanese Restaurant & Marketplace

    2 Jurong East Central 1 #04-19 JCube Jurong, Singapore 609731

    +65 6262 3008

    Home Page

    Long Version

    I was on the train heading out to Jurong East, and I had a very specific dish in mind for lunch. I was picturing this lunch set that I had in Japan last time I was there. It had a whole fish with rice and various other condiments. I was pretty sure I won’t be able to find the exact same set outside of Japan, so I was just looking for fish with rice.

    Luckily I didn’t have to look for too long, I found this place relatively quickly 😊

    I got there relatively late for lunch, around 2pm, so it was pretty quiet when I arrived. There might have been two other occupied tables, but then quite a few more filled up while I ate my late lunch.

    The entrance to the restaurant is actually a small little marketplace where you can pick up a few Japanese groceries if you wish. There isn’t too much on offer, but handy nonetheless, if you want to pick something up on your way home.

    The layout of the restaurant is a little different. It lines the length of the ice skating rink that is on the floor below, so you sorta have a balcony view of the rink. And like a balcony, there is a glass enclosure about chest height, but all open otherwise. So you get the noise from the rest of the mall while you’re eating. I think it adds to the casual vibe of the place, which is perfectly fine. But do note the low height of the balcony if you have small kids. For their safety, you may prefer to be seated down the centre of the restaurant instead…!

    They have a good range of Japanese food, which I’d be happy to try next time. The fish today satisfied my rather specific craving, so I was happy with that 😊

    Oh, the one thing that I was pleasantly surprised to see on the menu: cranberry juice! I don’t normally see that on menus, so I had to order it. I normally have it with vodka, but it was still nice without 😆

    Wait staff don’t really hover around, keeping an eye out on customers who may need something, so you may have to wait until one of them walks by and just get their attention then.

    They tape your order onto your table and when you’re done, you just take your slip up to the counter and pay there. My bill was S$18.25, and that was with a small appetizer, my cranberry juice, and ++! Not bad. Not bad at all.

    Isuramuya is on the fourth and top floor of JCube, one of the malls in Jurong East. It’s not too far of a walk from Jurong East MRT station, perhaps 5 minutes, but you do have to brave the elements, albeit very briefly, in order to cross the road. And being on the top floor of the mall means you have to either be specifically going to this restaurant, or you just happen to be walking around on the fourth floor already. So it’s not the most accessible restaurant, but it’s not that hard to find either.

    Overall, it was a pleasant discovery, and a restaurant that I would happily go to another time, should I ever be in the mood for some casual Japanese fare in the western part of SG 😊 I wouldn’t go all the way out there just to eat at this restaurant, but if I’m already in the area, then I wouldn’t mind stopping by there again.

    TWG Tea on the Bay (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, SG)

    Excellent place for some not-too-expensive western fare in a more upmarket setting.

    Short Version

    Food from a non-foodie perspective: 9/10 – Consistently good 👍

    Price: 8/10 – On the more expensive side, even for a western style restaurant in SG. But you get what you pay for: a very nice meal out.

    Service: 9/10 – Very attentive, very professional. Their style is to leave you to dine in peace, not come around and pamper you with service. But they are very prompt in responding to your needs if you do need something.

    Ambience: 10/10 – Classy, peaceful, feminine, elegant. Everything I aspire to be! 😂

    Location: 10/10 – Not many places can boast a better location than this place, I reckon. It is virtually right next to Bayfront MRT station, and located in the iconic Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

    TWG Tea on the Bay at Marina Bay Sands

    2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-122/125, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972

    +65 6535 1837

    Long Version

    I tend to come here mainly for breakfast/brunch, so I’ve had their scones a bajillion times 😂 And they are good scones! Well, according to the non-foodie here 😊 But hey, where else can you get scones in SG?? Please let me know if you know of a place (outside of hotel restaurants) and I shall give it a go 😊

    This restaurant reminds me of two tea salons in Australia: The Tea Salon (which apparently is now permanently closed! Awww I wonder what happened…) and The Palace Tea Room in QVB. It’s got a distinctly high tea feel to it, if that is even such a thing, but that’s what comes to mind when I think of the ambience in this place 😂

    They have two locations on The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands: one is in an actual shop with walls and everything 😂; and the other one is out in the middle of the mall up on a bit of a podium, with no walls 😊 So you can see around the mall, and watch the other shoppers wander by, eyeing you enviously as you devour all your lovely high tea food 😂

    I mainly go to the one with the walls, as it’s the one closer to the train station and therefore much easier to get to. I’ve only been to the no-walls one once. Just a heads up with that one: it can get quite warm there, despite being inside the shopping mall, as I think they are just under the atrium, so they get a lot of more sunlight. Also because of the no-walls thing, I think it also feels a bit more casual at that one, and also a bit noisier, as you also get the sounds from the mall mixed in with whatever’s going on in the restaurant.

    So after having said that, this review is more about the one with walls 😂

    Like I said, this place has a high tea feel to it, so I think some guys will find this place a bit too feminine for their liking. There are birds and flowers on the wallpaper in here, lots of plants and faux candles on the wall. Just sayin’. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😂

    But I personally love the ambience in this place. It embodies everything that I aspire to be: classy, elegant, calm and feminine, with excellent customer service to boot. They also have great food 😊 (but this isn’t quite one of my own personal aspirations 😂)

    They serve breakfast all day here, which is another thing that I constantly look out for, given that I’m not a morning person. They always have a set lunch menu on offer every time I come here, which I have taken up once. And that was really good. But almost all other times I’ve been here, I’ve gone for breakfast, and more often than not, I order scones 😊 Consistently good food, I have never had a bad meal here. Ever. And I reckon I’ve been here close to a dozen times over the past few years. That’s a pretty damn good strike rate, if you ask me 👍 They do a dinner service too, I believe, but I’ve never been here in the evening, so I can’t comment on what it’s like here after the sun goes down. It’s more a high tea sort of place for me 😊

    Service is very professional and all the wait staff are very attentive. Their style isn’t an intrusive one, they always just leave your table alone to enjoy your meal in peace. They won’t come around every five minutes fussing over you, asking if everything is ok and topping up your tea and what have you. But you can get their attention easily if you ever need something, and they will attend to you promptly.

    Given that they have “tea” in their name, this place has a bajillion teas on offer. Like really, a bajillion 😂 So many teas, in fact, that they give you a whole book on all the teas they have in stock, giving you a brief description on almost every single tea blend that they have. Tea lovers would absolutely love this place. But you may also get a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choice, and just end up ordering your usual Earl Grey or English Breakfast 😆 I tend to choose my tea based on the time of day I’m there: one of their breakfast teas if I’m there before noon; and one of their afternoon teas if I’m there later in the day. And I only ever order black teas. But they have a whole range of teas on offer, and you will no doubt find something to suit you and your mood on any given day (or time of day) that you’re there. I’ve never ordered a coffee here, as I think that sorta defeats the purpose if you’re in a place that specialises in tea, but it is available if you just can’t live without your coffee.

    I like this place so much that I almost always take family and friends here whenever they’re in town. I don’t come here every day as it’d just be too expensive to do so, but for the occasional splurge when I want to treat myself and/or others, it’s one of my go to places in SG 😊

    It’s also mega convenient if you’re coming by train. Bayfront MRT is virtually right next to the restaurant: you can stumble off the train and roll straight into the restaurant 😂 OK slight exaggeration, but you get my point. It’s pretty damn close. No braving the weather, be it rain or heat/humidity. You come from one airconditioned environment into another, all indoors. You can’t get any better than that 😊

    Have I talked up this place enough?? 😂 I’m trying to think of one critical aspect of this place, and I can’t think of any. The lack of bathrooms at the venue, perhaps? You have to use the public bathrooms in the shopping mall, which is a bit of a walk away from the restaurant itself. But apart from that, I just can’t fault this place. It’s always a really nice meal out for me.