Pho Street, Centrepoint (Somerset, SG)

Short version

Casual Vietnamese food in one of the malls on Orchard Road

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 8/10 – Decent size portions, tastes good too

Price: 9/10 – Very reasonably priced, even with ‘++’

Service: 8/10 – Nice wait staff, and food came out at a decent pace

Ambience: 7/10 – Casual atmosphere, good for a quick lunch or dinner. Doesn’t feel very Vietnamese, though, feels more like any stock standard cafe.

Location: 8/10 – In Centrepoint, one of the malls on Orchard Road, and Somerset MRT (perhaps exit D) is the closest train station.

Pho Street

176A Orchard Rd, #B1-14, Singapore 238844

Long Version

This is one of our go-to places for casual Vietnamese food. It’s quite central, being close to Somerset MRT and so quite easy to get to. Prices are also very reasonable, which is another one of its draw cards. We each had a main, shared an entree of sorts, and had a drink each, and it cost us just a bit over S$35. And that’s with ++, so it’s definitely good value.

It has a very casual vibe, you order up at the counter (ie there is no table service) and they bring out your dishes to you. Maybe that is one of the contributors (if not the main contributor) to the affordable prices. So this is definitely not one of those places to go to if you feel like being pampered for the evening šŸ˜‚

You collect your cutlery and sauces up near the counter as well, so you can pile on the sauce to your heart’s content šŸ˜† I do prefer having the sauces on my table when I’m having pho though, so I can freely slather them into my bowl without having to continually go back to the counter for more. This is perhaps more valid for the non-foodies out there, or maybe it’s just me šŸ˜‚

It’s not a proper restaurant with four walls etc šŸ˜† It’s more like one stall in a row of about 3, with only a low partition separating the three, as well as from the general public. So this too adds to the casual vibe of the place. But having said that, people don’t tend to walk past the area unless they’re looking for a place to eat, so it’s not like you get a whole heap of passers by gawking at you while you eat your pho šŸ˜‚

The place probably only has about a dozen or so tables of 2-4, and it’s a little cramped, so it’s not the sort of place you’d really want to linger around and lounge there for ages either. Maybe a deliberate design…?? šŸ˜‰ Not that the wait staff are hovering over you and giving you dirty looks to hurry up and clear out – nothing of the sort. But it’s just the general feel I get here. Nothing wrong with that, just sayin’ that’s the vibe that I get here.

The other vibe that I don’t get here is a “Vietnamese” vibe. As in it just feels like I’m in any stock standard cafe anywhere in the world, with nothing in the decor that gives me the feeling of Vietnam. Again, this doesn’t really bother me, just another observation.

But overall, we do like going here for a quick, casual, affordable Vietnamese meal. You just don’t get that Vietnamese vibe when you walk in, but no biggie šŸ˜Š