Sora Japan Gourmet Hall (Changi Airport Terminal 2, SG)

Short version

A food court of sorts serving just Japanese food, located in Terminal 2 at Changi Airport

Food from a non-foodie perspective: 8/10 – Good food

Price: 7/10 – On the pricier side, particularly as it is a food court of sorts. But it is also in Changi Airport, so I was expecting higher prices too. So a bit tough to rate…

Service: 8/10 – Efficient and relatively friendly.

Ambience: 7/10 – You’re basically sitting in a large food court, but the decor is nice, modern and new, and the place is huge.

Location: 9/10 – On the level above Departures at Terminal 2. You basically look down at the Departures Hall from this level with all the food options. It’s in the public area at Terminal 2, so you don’t have to be travelling to go there. You can catch the MRT to Changi Airport (exit A is your best bet).

Sora Japan Gourmet Hall

Changi Airport Terminal 2 Level 3


+65 6386 7005

Long version

I felt like Japanese for dinner, so I decided to try this place out. When you first arrive, the front of house will give you this little number tag that you need to present at each stall you visit while you’re in the food hall.

Front of house will actually seat you, although this isn’t as strict as it usually is in a restaurant, given that the place is still food court style. Since I was dining on my own, and it wasn’t particularly busy when I went, I was pretty much directed to choose whichever table I wanted on one side of the hall πŸ˜†

You’re then free to wander around like at any other food court, and choose whatever dish takes your fancy. The only difference here is that instead of paying at the stall, you give them your little number tag, and they just add your order onto it. So you effectively have this open tab at the food hall, and you just keep adding whatever order you want onto this number.

Drinks are served in a separate area, and you also present your tag here when you order. They serve alcohol here, fyi, so it’s a bit more fancy schmancy than your typical food court 🍷

And then when you’re ready to leave, you just bring your tag to the counter, check your orders on the register, and then off you go. My dinner was quite expensive: I paid S$27.70, so it’s not quite food court prices 😳

Sora Japan Gourmet Hall is in Terminal 2 at Changi Airport, overlooking Departures. It’s in the public area, so you don’t have to be travelling to access the food hall. But you have to be willing to go all the way to Changi, if you’re not already staying in the area.

Overall, I had a good dinner here πŸ‘