About This Blog

I started this blog as a place to dump all my random recipes somewhere. But then over time, I’ve come to realise that there may be others out there who could also benefit from these same recipes; others who, like me, are also non-foodies who “eat to live, not live to eat”, but still want to eat as healthy as possible.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to mynonfoodielife.com, for people who just want easy recipes so that they can eat healthfully, and then quickly go about leading a healthy life and doing things that are way more important to them than being in the kitchen πŸ˜‚

I think the inter web is full of people who love to cook and eat. But not many are out there for people like me who don’t fall into that category! So I’m here to change all that. Non-foodies unite! πŸ‘

I don’t have Keto or Atkins or gluten-free or doesn’t-cast-a-shadow recipes. My only criteria are that they are very easy to make, (usually has wayyy less than ten ingredients, including salt and/or pepper), and are more on the healthy side than not. So there ain’t any fancy schmancy ingredients, and I try to keep my posts fun and light-hearted, as I’m not here to teach you any fancy cooking techniques or any unique flavours that you may not have discovered yet. I’m just here to help you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, but to whip something up that’s healthy and nutritious while you’re there, and to minimise the pain along the way 😊

While writing posts for this blog, I have also come to realise that – I suppose because I don’t really like to spend time in the kitchen πŸ˜† – I actually eat out a lot more than I thought I did! So this blog has also evolved to reviewing various cafes and restaurants that I have visited during my time as an expat in Asia. I am an Aussie currently living in Singapore, so a lot of my reviews are of food places mainly in SG, but of other places that I have tried during our travels around Asia.

So if you’re interested in seeing food from a non-foodie perspective, please come and join me and help spread the word πŸ™